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The Challenge

After many years of working in the DE&I space in Madison and working with many local nonprofits with numerous different projects under her belt, Araceli Esparza was ready to bring them all together under one brand: Araceli Esparza Consulting. 

The task was to build a brand that was professional yet still showed her bubbly and strong personality. Additionally, we had to build out her sub-brand Midwest Mujeres, a content creation fellowship program for Latinas.

The Solution

We were inspired by the vibrant building colors of  Guanajuato, Mexico where Araceli's family emigrated from. We wanted to keep the colors rich and warm to reflect the human approach Araceli takes in her consulting and coaching. 

We chose a bold and clean font as the primary font that would translate across social media, website, and even in her logo. For her logo, we wanted something simple that could fit the many facets of her business but still differentiated her from other consultants. 

With Midwest Mujeres, we built a complimentary brand that kept the brand colors & fonts, but offered more edge and feminity.

Logo_Blue (1).png
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