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Strategy is the cumulation of research, customer surveys, best practices, analysis, and insights that go into making an actionable plan.  

For us, this can be broken down into three main types of strategy:

  • Brand Identity aka messaging & visuals

  • Content Strategy aka what type of content and which platforms

  • Business Strategy aka how are you operating 

With strategy, the goal is almost always the same "How do we help you take your business to the next level?"


Research + Discovery

Step 1 is understanding your industry's best practices and gathering current customers' insights, establishing competitive advantage and/or opportunity, and preparing for Step 2.

The goal at this step is to become outside experts in your industry and understand your current customers.

Some examples of this step include:

  • Customer Surveys

  • Data Analysis

  • Competitors Research

  • Website Audit

  • Social Media Audit



If Step 1 is all about information gathering and discovering opportunities, Step 2 is all about creating an actionable plan. ​

The goal at this step is to take everything we've learned in step 1 and to create your detailed Playbook that will help take your business to its next level. 


Some examples of this step include:

  • Content Strategy

  • Social Media Planning + Strategy

  • Website Strategy

  • Visual Identity Strategy



And finally, Step 3 is when it all comes to life! 

At the end of step 2 we will have created a detailed Playbook as well as a list of final deliverables that are needed. The final step is making everything that we outlined!

Some examples of this step include:

  • New Website

  • Brand Refresh

  • New Marketing Materials

  • Blog Posts

  • Social Media Assets

  • Awareness Campaigns

Some Light Reading

Olivia and Liz were truly a pleasure to work with! Their team is talented, friendly, engaging, community-oriented, creative, thoughtful, and receptive to feedback. They make beautiful art and are very experienced and knowledgeable. I HIGHLY recommend hiring them for your design and website needs.

Katarina Kobor, Illustration + Branding Client


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